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Gennem Mørket


littérature générale

Traduction en danois de "La nuit du passage".

On a cold night in December, Marcel Landrin’s corpse is fished out of the Meuse, in Givet. Everyone immediately thinks about Antoine Mahaut, a bargeman who was passing through the town. Accident or murder? The question remained unanswered as Mahaut hanged himself the same night, in the cell in which he was locked. Neglecting to address strange coincidences, the investigators quickly closed the case, leaving it open to public rumour. Twenty years later, Jean-François Lartigue, superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department at Reims, is on his way to the small border town, unaware that he will get involved in this old case. However even though much water has flowed under the bridges of the Meuse, time hasn’t yet healed some injuries. Lartigue will have to face his own past.