Mon compte


Apply for six months of intensive editing and development for your documentary film aiming for premiere by early autumn 2018:

/ Work with 25 internationally-active
  filmmakers throughout
   the postproduction period

/ Find your film's unique perspective
   within a global context and sharpen
   the storytelling

/ Learn new marketing tools used in
   a complex strategy to target and
   attract a worldwide audience

/ Introduce your nearly-finished film to
   key international decision-makers at
   Nordisk Panorama


The whole team, comprising a director,
a producer and an editor, participates
in three one-week residential sessions:

/ 1st Session (6 days) - rough cut
   April - Czech Republic

/ 2nd Session (6 days) - fine cut
   June - Slovakia

/ 3rd Session (8 days) - near picture lock
   September - Sweden