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International Performance Festival 2017 and Dance Weekend 2017 (Germany)

Le festival international de performance "performance art depot's" 2017, invite les artistes du monde entier à venir performer à Mainz, en Allemagne entre le 21 et le 30 avril 2017.

Danseurs et chorégraphes peuvent aussi postuler pour la 4è édition du "Dance Weekend" qui aura lieu en mai 2017.

What they offer:

- A unique international festival that is small in scale but high in profile and welcoming in atmosphere.
- The performance art depot’s stage and team. pad is an extraordinary and beautiful independent venue with a committed team, both homebase to artists Schmitt&Schulz and a platform for introducing innovative, experimental theatre, dance, performance, live art and other forms of contemporary performing arts.
- An interested and open audience. Press as well as curators and artistic directors of other festivals and theatres will be invited.
A modest performance fee and travel expense allowance. They also take care of accommodation and catering.

The organisers are looking for unusual performance projects with diverse artistic backgrounds: they may rely on light and sound or include video art, digital art, multi-media and/or be grounded in the physical, in choreography or dance. The Dance Weekend's focus is on the latter two.

Deadline: 2 December

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