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STEP Beyond Travel Grant

STEP Beyond Travel Grants a été créé pour inciter les artistes émergeants et les travailleurs de la culture de l'Union européenne, des états membres de l'Association européenne de libre-échange et des états voisins de l'Union européenne, à voyager pour créer des ponts, des rencontres.

Through this grants scheme, we fund emerging artists and cultural workers to explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration. We have been supporting all kinds of cross-border creativity - including music, visual art, theatre, dance, film, documentary, multimedia, design, photography, fashion and cultural capacity building. 


Please consult our How to Apply guidelines to see the exact geographical scope of the fund. Priority is given to individuals who are under 35 years old and/or who are in the first 10 years of their career. The STEP Beyond funding scheme emerged from previous mobility grant programmes such as Erasmus and APEXchanges.

You can check eligibility and submit your application on ECF Labs, in the Lab dedicated to Step Beyond. When you apply, you become part of the ECF Labs community, which is a chance to connect with other artists and cultural workers from across Europe and beyond.

You can apply online on ECF Labs, in the Step Beyond Lab.

Last chance to apply to Step Beyond in 2016!

In 2016, the last date to submit your application for Step Beyond travel grants is 30 November. Please keep in mind, the application must be submitted at least 60 days prior the departure date of your travel as stated in our Guidelines.